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About Us

Satya is a Sanskrit word for Truth.  It is through our practice that we find the space to return to our true nature.  When we listen to the whispers of the heart, it guides us in the direction of joy & love.  We sometimes get lost in the distraction of expectation, fear & doubt but when we step on the mat and return to breath, compassion & acceptance for all beings (including yourself), you allow your journey to unfold however it's supposed to as you return to your path - your truth.

Our Satya instructors are passionate about sharing the teachings of yoga and helping to weave and blend philosophy, meditation & breath practices with real life experiences to help guide you safely on and off the mat.  Yoga is therapeutic and can be a sustainable, life-long practice to help support your mind, body & spirit.  At Satya, we encourage people to show up as they are, let yourself explore what your body is willing and able to do today and find gratitude in what is.  BE YOU!

Our Mission

To Bring Joy and Health to the Body and Mind, to Inspire and Love
Without Judgment and Create a Community Beyond the Walls in Which we Practice.

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